My Roots: Unfailing Cartoons

My childhood was filled with cartoons that really paved the way to my fascination with 2D. But they gave me a lot more than that! These shows were some quality cartoons that laid a solid foundation for who I am today. It occurred to me while writing this that through these cartoons, I gained inspiration […]

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I spent the last six months exploring the “yaoi” genre and was at the height of productivity. My interest in the genre was piqued when I saw just how much of an appeal it had on the masses, and having had little exposure to it before, I decided to dive in! I went through everything […]

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I told myself I wasn’t going to write reviews, and this isn’t one. This is yet another addition to the list of webcomics I hope to persuade people to read. I hope you will stick with me patiently while I elaborate on my experience with this comic that has kept me company for the last […]


Reality Check: with Aggretsuko!

[ Spoiler Alert: Proceed with caution ]  Aggretsuko or Aggreshibu Retsuko is a Netflix Original Anime that came out in 2018. The show is about Retsuko, a 25-year-old typical 9 to 5 corporate slave and the everyday adventures of her ordinary life. You’ll find that she and the rest of the show is very relatable, […]

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